SWIFT version updates are released on a regular basis, averaging 3 - 6 releases per year.

  Description of Change / Bug Fix
3.0 - 001New FeatureAll-New SWIFT v3.0 released. SWIFT is now completely free-of-charge (formerly annual subscription).
2.0 - 024New FeatureSpecies Statistics screen - New tab introduced (Switch Species) where you can switch one or more sightings of a species to a different species. This is useful if after a taxonomy switch a species was recorded incorrectly.
New FeatureImprovements to the SWIFT<>eBird Synchronization screen.
New FeatureMultiple fixes for speed improvements when looking up list/location and sighting information.
New FeatureSWIFT now does a full statistics update, the first time it runs after a build update.
New FeatureNew chart available on Life List Summary - Species Recorded Count by Year. Gives your total species recorded broken down by year.
New FeatureAfter a build update, this ''Version Information'' screen appears so you can quickly see all of the new features and bug fixes included with the new build.
New FeatureNew listing available in the Facts/Insights panel - ''Order Recorded'' shows a listing of your recorded species (all-time and by year) in the order you recorded them.
Bug FixLife List Summary - Top Five Years chart was showing cumulative (not individual year) data."')
Bug FixError occasionally appeared on main screen (modDBRoutines:exUpdateStatisticsForListsAfterChanges) after you selected a list/location.
Bug FixLife List Summary - ''Month with Most Species Recorded'' was showing the correct month and year, but the total count was wrong.
Bug FixBirding Forecast panel - occasionally the filters at top did not display the correct subset. An ''Apply'' button has been added, now you set the filters and click Apply to see the list of species.
2.0 - 022New FeatureMain screen - You can now hide/show the left side panel (where lists/locations are displayed) by clicking on an arrow just to the right of the birder's name button. This allows more screen space for the panels to display.
New FeatureMain screen - All lists/locations are now also available under the Lists/Locations menu at the top of the screen. Useful for switching between lists/locations when the left panel is hidden.
New FeatureMain screen - Frequently Used lists/locations also available under the Lists/Locations menu at the top of the screen.
New FeatureLife List Summary panel - You can now choose which graphs to appear and scroll them on the screen. More will be added in future releases.
New FeatureWhen you delete a sighting, a popup appears letting you know the affect this will have on your list/location counts.
New FeatureYou can now delete your most recent sighting for any location from a button in the Most Recent Sighting panel on the main screen.
Bug FixFrequently Used Lists/Locations tab is empty at startup and only gets built if you add a new favourite. Favourites are still saved just not appearing.
Bug FixIf you close the News panel, the Summary panel reloads even if another is currently displayed.
Bug FixBirding Forecast - New for Year/New for Location/Life Bird filters also occasionally including birds that don't meet selected criteria.
Bug FixAfter moving a list/location, the All-time, Year and Month counts for the other affected lists took some time to be updated, sometimes did not get updated until SWIFT restarted.
Bug FixLife List - On Demand Info panel - popup appearing after filter section is collapsed then expanded.
Bug FixeBird Import screen - throws an error if opened/closed without doing an import.
Bug FixSightings screen - When opening with Life List selected on main screen, an error is thrown, "The given key not present in dictionary", occasionally causing SWIFT to lockup.
Bug FixSome fields/buttons on the enter date popup (when creating a sighting) and the database backup screens were cutoff at specific display resolutions.
2.0 - 021New FeatureYou can now map your SWIFT list/location to an eBird hotspot on the View/Edit list/location screen.
New FeatureNew 'Annual Record' panel on main screen showing you the frequency of species sightings across the year for any list. You can also drilldown to any month..
New FeatureNew 'List/Location Statistics' screen that is accessible from the new 'Annual Record' panel as well as the Lists/Locations menu on the main screen.
New FeatureYou can now designate any list as one in your local 'regular' birding locations (patch) on the View/Edit list/location screen. This will then be used throughout SWIFT for notifications. (Not much point in notifying you of something at a spot a long distance from your home!).
New FeatureNew main screen setting (second tab of Settings screen) that allows you to set the state of the 'tree' displaying all of your lists/locations when SWIFT starts. You can set them to all be expanded, all collapsed or as they were the last time SWIFT closed.
New FeatureSightings screen, the list totals comparison chart (lower right of screen when list is selected) now has scrollbars so if a large number of lists are displayed you can scroll them vertically.
Bug FixLife List Drilldown - First sighted list (when displaying birds seen in a region such as state/province) occasionally displays the wrong list name (date is correct).
Bug FixLife List Drilldown - If a sighting date includes a time and also no time (so technically two different times of day), the no time species were not being included.
Bug FixBirding Forecast panel - Occasionally one or more birds in the list are flagged as 'Life' birds when they should be marked as new to list.
Bug FixMain screen freezes after renaming a list.
Bug FixMain screen caption sometimes showed incorrect file update time (AM/PM).
Bug FixIn certain scenarios, the All-Time list of species (on the main screen) included species that had been previously removed/replaced.
Bug FixSightings screen - occasionally species would be repeated in the list for a specific date (under Species dropdown, time of day sightings were split correctly under Sightings).
Bug FixSightings screen - occasionally count info (lower left of screen) was inflated if a bird was seen multiple times on the same day.
Bug FixReports - 'Life Birds - All Years' was broken when displaying Common Name Only or Scientific Name only. It only worked if you chose Common and Scientific Names.
Bug FixSpecies Stats - Location where most recently recorded occasionally is blank.
2.0 - 020New FeatureNew 'Drilldown' panel for Life List on main screen.
Bug FixAt update time, some users encountered a message saying their subscription information was missing and had to re-enter user name and password in order to update SWIFT.
Bug FixSome users were experiencing a crash after importing multiple eBird files one after another.
Bug FixAn error could occur after moving lists/locations that were amongst a large number of sub-lists/sub-locations.
2.0 - 019New FeatureLife List on main screen now has a second panel to go along with the Life List Summary. The new 'On Demand' panel allows you to pull up and copy/export sighting information based on dated criteria.
New FeatureYou can now specify (on the new User Settings tab in the Settings screen off the main screen) whether you want to refer to areas you bird as 'Lists' or 'Locations' (some birders prefer the term locations as per eBird so now you can choose the one you like best).
Bug FixAfter a new build is downloaded and SWIFT starts, the update of lists statistics shows an invalid counter (e.g list 60 of 50). Stats were updating correctly, just the visible incremental counter was inaccurate.
Bug FixOn some smaller screens, the main screen alerts button (upper right) was not appearing correctly.
Bug FixAfter creating a new list, cannot see birding forecast until you enter one sighting.
Bug FixAfter a list has been moved, in rare cases it resulted in two lists being considered a "sub list of each other", causing SWIFT to hang at startup.
Bug FixeBird import - importing of sighting was occasionally taking an excessive amount of time, especially for users with a large number of lists.
Bug FixMass Import Screen - when scanning the number of individuals in a record, the message was sometimes reporting a larger percentage of non-numeric values in the file than the file had.
Bug FixSome life birds were being missed (appearing blank) in the Life List summary table if the name of the bird contained an apostrophe.
2.0 - 018New FeatureAs of June 1, 2017, SWIFT Premium Edition is only available through an annual subscription. Anyone who purchased SWIFT prior to June 1, 2017 was given a three-year subscription (expires on June 1, 2020).
New FeatureNew panel on main screen - 'Birding Forecast' - gives you an idea of the birds being seen in and around one of your list's eBird hotspots.
New FeatureMajor rework of the 'Species Info' screen. More info now available on main tab and new Photos tab added showing all photos saved of the selected species.
Bug Fix'Species Seen Between Two Dates' report - in some instances the list dropdown is empty so the user cannot run the report.
Bug FixSwitch from eBird file import to SWIFT<>eBird Synchronization screen was not functioning. (SWIFT<>eBird Synchronization screen still available from menu on main screen.)
Bug FixChanging sort order in some reports/checklists (alphabetic/taxonomic) sometimes was not taking affect and report was always appearing in taxonomic order.)
Bug FixDropdown species lists on main screen (All-time, Current Year and Current Month) were not sorting in taxonomic order if user had that sort preference set.
Bug FixThe new (last release) 7-day and 14-day checklist reports were not displaying the species in the custom checklist for list's using them, but instead were displaying the larger subset of species (ABA, etc..).
2.0 - 017New FeatureeBird Alerts launches - You can be alerted to notable birds recently recorded at your hotspots.
New FeatureNew automatic file backup introduced. You can click a button on the backup/restore screen and SWIFT will automatically take a backup of your SWIFT file each time you exit the program. Only the last 3 backup files are retained, older files are removed as backups are created in order to conserve drive space.
New Feature'SWIFT News' panel can now be opened via a main screen menu item. (Premium Edition only, in the Life List edition the news panel is always open.)
New FeatureNew report: "All World Species". Displays all species for a region, with both common and scientific name, with those recorded checked off.
New FeatureNew reports: "7-Day Checklist" and "14-Day Checklist" - A listing of all species in the selected list's default checklist (area) with boxes to check them off for each day.
New FeatureConfirmation screen when recording a sighting has been expanded to include additional details about the species being recorded (earliest recorded, first, etc.).
New FeatureNew button in menu of main screen allowing you to quickly run certain reports specific to the selected list. You can also run saved favorite reports that apply to the selected list on the main screen.
Bug FixIn certain instances, adding a new sighting to a sub-list then showed 'no sightings recorded' message under the parent list when you returned to the main screen.
Bug FixIn certain instances, checking the 'SWIFT News' panel in settings (to have it appear) was having no effect and the news panel remained hidden.
Bug FixAfter an import of one of more eBird sightings, some list count totals (all-time, year, ..) on the main screen were not getting updated.
2.0 - 016New FeatureImport screen workflow and speed improvements including a new 'Avisys-specific' import.
New FeatureReports/Checklists screen completely reworked. Now includes ability to sort most checklists and reports by taxonomic/alphabetic and to include checkboxes or hide checkboxes next to the species names.
New FeatureAll-new report on Reports/Checklists screen: 'New Species in List for a Given Year'. This reports shows all species that were new to a chosen list in a given year. Includes any sub-lists attached to the selected list.
New FeatureAll-new Taxonomy screen - allows users to apply taxonomy changes that affect their sightings. New taxonomy update also released with this build based on Clements 2016 updates.
Bug FixSightings screen - adding a new sighting on same day (but different time) was giving incorrect information on the already existing sighting; it was showing the existing time as the new time you are entering.
Bug FixFirst time clicking on a list with many sub-lists below it on the main screen causes a large delay in some information panels appearing. Speed improvements have reduced this time by ~80%.
Bug FixFirst eBird import after creating a new eBird<>SWIFT mapping was taking an excessive amount of time.
Bug FixRenaming a list that has been mapped to an eBird location was not updating the mapping information correctly (still showed old SWIFT list name).
2.0 - 015New FeatureSWIFT <-> eBird synchronization screen introduced. You can now easily synchronize your sightings between SWIFT and eBird by downloading your sighting data from eBird.
New FeatureMain screen - New top screen menu introduced and the old vertical (left side) main screen menu has been retired.
New FeatureYou can record sightings on the same list at multiple times of day, on the same date.
New FeatureYou can now specify duration when creating/updating a sighting. If provided, the duration gets passed to eBird during exports.
2.0 - 014New FeatureNew setting applying to the main screen allows user to show/hide SWIFT news panel (directly under the Life List Summary - when Life List is selected). This panel can only be hidden in the Premium Edition of SWIFT.
New FeatureSome improvements to the appearance and useability of the eBird Import screen.
Bug FixeBird Import Screen - occasionally a 'mapped' location was not being stored and had to be re-selected during a subsequent import.
2.0 - 012New FeatureNew setting applying to the main screen allows user to show/hide SWIFT news panel (directly under the Life List Summary - when Life List is selected). This panel can only be hidden in the Premium Edition of SWIFT.
New FeatureSome improvements to the appearance and useability of the eBird Import screen.
Bug FixeBird Import Screen - occasionally a 'mapped' location was not being stored and had to be re-selected during a subsequent import.
Bug FixSightings screen - Export to eBird button throwing an error - 'Could not load sighting collection'.
Bug FixA new sighting imported from eBird (most recent for list) was not registering as the most recent sighting in the panel on the main screen.
Bug FixRegional Sightings panel throwing an error (length must be greater than zero) for some lists, most often those using a custom checklist.
Bug FixAn error occurred when adding a photo to a sighting during checklist entry.
Bug FixMain screen - Settings; Text size +/- buttons disabling incorrectly when hitting size limits.
Bug FixWhen changing the most recent sighting (from panel on main screen) to add a picture for a species, when returning to the main screen, the icon for the picture was there, the picture was saved, but the popup showing the picture did not appear.
Bug FixIf the most recent sighting was deleted on the Sightings screen, it would sometimes still appear back on the Most Recent Sighting panel on the main screen.
2.0 - 011New FeatureAllow users to upload 'custom regional checklists', a list of all species seen in a given (smaller) region such as a nature reserve, state park, eBird hotspot, etc.
New FeatureTaxonomy update released with this build - most recent changes to Clements.
New FeatureMain screen settings popout (upper right) now resides on the overall Settings screen (first tab of the four tabs). Also contains a new setting to determine the sort order (taxonomic or alphabetic) for the species displayed in the main screen panels.
Bug FixVersion Information screen didn�t always inform user of new version. (New version alert always appeared at start up though, when a new build was available.).
Bug FixFree trial version was prompting user to enter user name and password prior to allowing a version upgrade. This is not required as user has not yet been created.
Bug FixSome species whose taxonomy was recently updated are missing from the regional species files, resulting in them not appearing in the 'Every Species in Region' panel on the main screen.
Bug Fix'Species Seen on a Specific Date' report was showing some species from the following day if they were recorded without a time of day.
Bug FixMain screen - re-selects the Life List when the screen is maximized/moved.
Bug FixSightings screen - double-clicking on a species brings up the context menu (Attach Photo, Species Statistics, etc..) but the menu is non-responsive. All menu items are also available in the menu bar however. These context menu items are now activated by the Windows-standard 'right-click' of the mouse (as opposed to double-click).
Bug FixChecklist entry - Changing the 'Regulars' % after having made one or more selections loses the species you have already checked off.
Bug FixInteresting Facts panel was occasionally showing a bird from a related-list when highlighting 'first seen for a given month'.
Bug FixMenu item to add/remove a frequently used list (on main screen) was remaining disabled.
Bug FixTaxonomy sort issue - when species are sorted taxonomically, they weren't quite appearing in the correct order.
2.0 - 010New FeatureNew instant stats at bottom of Sightings screen; best year-count is shown for Species (overall list), selected year count is shown as it compares to the total all-time for the selected list.
Bug FixMass Import screen - unchecking box for files with no header was locking up the screen and not allowing a file to be selected.
Bug FixSightings screen - taxonomic sort order (first tab of the settings popup) was not taking affect in some species lists on the screen, species were still appearing in alphabetic order.
Bug FixSome Windows Vista and Windows 7 free trial users experienced an error at startup after installing SWIFT.
Bug FixSome Windows 10 users were encountering an error when opening the Charts/Graphs and Checklists/Reports screens.
2.0 - 009New FeatureNew - Help screens now directly available in a panel on the SWIFT main screen. Also includes a 'Refresh Help Files' button that appears when updated help files are available. This allows you to reload the latest help screens from the website. The help screens are constantly being updated/improved, so now you are able to get the latest copies without waiting for the next SWIFT version update.
New FeatureFull SWIFT Premium Edition now available as free trial for 90 days. After the 90 days has elapsed, version reverts to the Life List Edition. All sightings, lists are retained but cannot be modified (other than those recorded directly in the Life List). Life List version can then be run as long as you like, completely free of charge. When you upgrade to the Premium Edition, all sightings, photos, notes, .. entered during the free trial and the subsequent Life List Edition are retained.
New FeatureeBird Individual Sighting Import screen - Now allows you to include non-specific sighting records in eBird (e.g 'Buteo sp. in the sighting comments in SWIFT when you import them in. (SWIFT does not allow the recording of non-specific species.)
New FeatureeBird Individual Sighting Import screen - Modified slightly to better explain how sighting records from eBird are handled when exceptions occur (such as non-matching locations, 'X' in place of an actual count,.. ).
Bug FixNew eBird individual sighting screen was not importing sightings correctly if eBird file only had species common name (no scientific name).
Bug FixMost Recent Sighting panel - notes/photos not re-appearing the second time you mouse over the icons.
2.0 - 008New FeatureSeamless integration with eBird exported files. Ideal for those who use eBird's new mobile app or BirdLog to capture their sightings into eBird or for desktop computer users of eBird. SWIFT's main screen automatically alerts you to the presence of any sighting files exported from eBird and you can then quickly load them into SWIFT.
New FeatureClose button added to the upper right of the newly reworked Sightings screen. You can now close the screen using this button instead of the X in the extreme upper right corner.
New FeatureBig Year panel - When more than 3 years are shown, you can now adjust the number of 'Top' years shown (e.g. Top 5, Top 10, ..) by adjusting the slider underneath the pie chart.
New FeatureImport Sightings screen (mass import) - An 'X' or other non-numeric in the count field (as in some eBird files) was causing the count column in entire file to be invalid. Now defaults to 1 individual.
New FeatureImport Sightings screen (mass import) - Allow user to combine two columns to use as Date and Time for sightings (e.g. eBird provides these fields in two separate columns).
Bug FixSightings screen - when selecting a sublist that only has simple sightings, the last value (Year with Highest # of Sightings) shows the year as 0.
Bug FixIssue on checklist when recording a new sighting, if the largest subset of species was displayed (North America, ABA, etc.) and a search for a species was done, the checklist disappeared after 3 characters were entered.
Bug FixBig Year totals were sometimes off in pie chart.
Bug FixExport to eBird on new Sightings screen was crashing for any sightings with a time of day attached to them.
Bug FixMost Recent Sighting panel - note icon not appearing if a count of individuals was included in the sighting.
Bug FixChange Sighting was not showing the species in the original sighting if the hour of the sighting was 12 (noon), with or without minutes.
Bug FixReport Issue: All Species Seen on a Specific Date was coming up blank for certain sightings (often those with a time of day assigned to them).
Bug FixImport Sightings screen (mass import) - A column surrounded by quotes and containing a comma (e.g. location) was being split into two (or more) separate columns, causing data loss during the import.
Bug FixSWIFT was throwing a minor error at startup on Feb 29th only. User was able to continue and it did not affect displayed sighting information.
Bug FixNew Sightings screen - When the first sighting was recorded in a new list, the Sightings entry in the tree showed no sighting record (no + sign) but the Species entry had the + sign. User had to close and re-open to see the new sighting.
Bug FixSome display issues were resolved with the online help in SWIFT (F1 key on some screens). There were a few missing images and misdirected links.
2.0 - 007New FeatureComplete new release of the main Sightings screen. Now has the look-and-feel of Windows Explorer making it familiar and easy to use.
New FeatureeBird export now available in Life List edition!
Bug FixMost Recent Sighting panel - attached picture icon not always appearing and occasionally (when there) did not bring up the picture and/or brought up a note and an empty picture.
Bug FixSpecies stats - if only recorded sighting was a 'simple sighting' (no date), the last sighting date was appearing as January 1, 1900.
Bug FixReturning from Sightings screen back to the main SWIFT screen was occasionally very slow.
Bug FixAttaching a photo to an existing sighting wasn't causing the icon to appear in the Sightings screen.
Bug FixSpecies comments were occasionally being saved with a leading space.
2.0 - 006New FeatureList Milestones panel completely reworked and is now interactive. Panel displays your yearly counts, new species added year-by-year, 'life' birds and more. Your photos (if saved) also appear in the panel alongside your species.
New FeatureImprovements made to how quickly the checklist appears (when adding a new sighting), especially for those with large number of lists.
New FeatureClicking on a species name to bring up the Species Information popup (accessible in various places in SWIFT) was frequently very slow, especially for those with a large number of lists. Species Information popup now loads up to 95% faster.
Bug FixSpecies statistics was occasionally missing an earlier 'Lifer' date for a species.
Bug FixBar graph at bottom of yearly list dropdown (on main screen) was always showing zero if Life List was selected, even when a count is shown. The bar graph for all other lists displayed correctly.
Bug FixWhen creating or changing a checklist, the label (dropdown) for your last sighting showed 0 species even when species were listed. Only occurred if the last sighting had a time of day designated to it. Had no effect on the recording of a sighting or the display of species.
Bug FixBig Year panel - Ranking of big years was often appearing blank.
2.0 - 005New FeaturePhotos screen � New tabbed screen that allows you to view photographed birds alongside those with no photos saved. You can then add a photo of a bird that has no photos yet saved (but has been recorded in your sightings) directly from the Photos screen. Screen also rearranged to allow more room to display photos.
New FeaturePhotos screen � Birds with no photos saved include indicators next to the species name for those that have photos available in the SWIFT Photo Library.
Bug FixeBird export � If no counts were provided (all were 'X') the export missed the common name and subsequently failed!
Bug FixBig Year � Year total for the current year was occasionally being miscalculated.
Bug FixLife Bird indicator in checklist occasionally lighting up in a no-date sighting ('Simple Sighting') when the species is not a life bird.
Bug FixPhoto Library - If only a single photo is available in the library, an error sometimes occurred when user tried to download the photo.
2.0 - 004New FeatureMain Screen - 'Big Year' panel now includes the species seen in the year, in the order they were sighted.
New FeatureShould you encounter an error in SWIFT, a screen will appear allowing you to copy the error contents to your clipboard for emailing to the SWIFT Support Team.
New FeatureIf you haven't backed up your SWIFT data in 30 days or more, an alert will display next to the icon on the main screen, reminding you to backup your sighting records.
Bug FixSpecies Statistics popup screen - First Recorded Sighting date ('Lifer Date') occasionally showed an incorrect (later) date.
Bug FixPanels on the main screen (Most Recent Sighting, Big Year, ..) are not correctly displaying the British common name for species when appropriate whereas they are shown correctly on the Sightings screen.
Bug FixSome user settings (login information, etc.) are not being retained after a version update.
Bug FixWhen entering a new checklist, if the list of species is expanded/collapsed more than once, the species common name column 'locks' and the remaining columns are pushed off to the right.
Bug FixWhen entering a new checklist and using the SWIFTcount feature, the total count shows as 1 regardless of age/sex breakdown count, unless you expand the sighting list on the right side of the screen. Count is not affected in recording (still gets recorded correctly).
Bug FixWhen switching to the Frequently Used tab on the main screen while Life List is selected in the All Lists tab, the selected panel(s) may not appear to the right.
Bug FixError occurred if an existing list was renamed.
2.0 - 003New Feature*New* - Notes panel on main screen allowing you to search for text in sighting notes and/or species-specific comments.
New Feature*New* - 'Big Year' panel on main screen to display your big year counts for selected lists and compare them to your other lists.
New FeatureNew Version Information screen - see if a version update is available, view past changes/bug fixes and those coming soon.
New FeatureMain screen - Favorite Photos panel - right-clicking with mouse on displayed photo allows you to copy the photo to your clipboard so it can be pasted in other documents, emails, etc.
New FeaturePhotos screen - right-clicking with mouse on large photo (right side of screen) allows you to copy the photo to your clipboard so it can be pasted in other documents, emails, etc.
Bug FixTop of panel settings button was slightly 'chopped off' on smaller screens.
Bug FixSome lists not getting their stats updated when version changes.
Bug FixMost Sighted � Not Yet Photographed panel was not appearing correctly if birder had at least one photo for every species recorded on the list.
Bug FixError occurred on main screen if you quickly switched back and forth from the Life List to a sub-list.
Bug FixModifications to an existing list (rename, move, etc.) resulted in a long delay before the main screen fully refreshed. Especially for those with a large number of lists.
Bug FixIf you switched away from SWIFT and then back (while the Life List was selected), your selected panels would attempt to build for the Life List.
2.0 - 002New FeatureSWIFT releases now have build numbers (i.e. 002) instead of version number change. (Main version will remain at 2.0 until next major release.)
New FeatureIntroduction of 'Extended SWIFTcount' feature. Ability to specify Age/Sex while entering/changing sightings. Turn on the 'Extended SWIFTcount' in the Settings screen or by clicking on the # button at the top of the checklist (next to the banding code button).
New FeatureNew Life List Summary panel on main screen (Premium Edition only).
New FeaturePanels selection button at top of main screen for every list but your Life List.
Bug FixChecklist allowing non-numeric values keyed in # sighted column, resulting in an error.
2.0 New FeatureLife List Edition now FREE! Previous purchasers of Life List Edition can upgrade to the Premium Edition at a discount.
New FeatureSighting import capability added to the Life List Edition.
1.8.3 New FeatureReworking of Checklists/Report screen to better use space on screen. Many reports are now sortable by every displayed column, simply by clicking the arrows next to the column header.
New FeatureNew report: Life Birds - All Years - Shows every species you have on your life list and the first date each was recorded.
New FeatureNew regional reports: ABA, AOU, British Isles, Birds Caribbean, India, Thailand.
New FeatureNew regional checklists available for list assignment (based on user requests); India (1,306 species) Thailand (1,017 species).
New FeatureNumerous modifications to improve SWIFT's appearance and useability when running under the minimum resolution (1024x768) and/or when using Medium sized Windows fonts (125%).
New FeatureCopy to clipboard on Sightings screen now includes sighting count.
Bug FixListed Species by Year chart was sometimes including species from the following year.
Bug Fix'Light' indicators on Frequently Used lists was not refreshing after a sighting was entered.
Bug FixChecklist - species list was re-sorting to the order the species were added after adding or removing species, even if the list had previously been sorted alphabetically.
Bug FixMain Screen - Interesting Fact 'These species are most commonly record in your [parent of selected list] list but have not yet been recorded in your [selected list]' had an issue where it was not including sublists of the selected list, resulting in some species being included that should not have been.
Bug FixSightings screen - camera icon sometimes not appearing next to species with a photo attached to the sighting.
Bug FixLife Bird indicator not lighting up in checklist when an earlier-dated sighting is recorded.
1.8.2 New FeatureUsers can save 'Frequently Used' lists on their main screen, to quickly return to them without having to search for them amongst all of their lists.
New FeatureNew count comparison on Current Year and Current Month dropdowns on the SWIFT main screen. Compare your month totals for this year to last year. Or compare your year totals going back as far as you have sightings recorded.
New FeatureNew indicator on checklist entry screen for 'first of the year' birds.
Bug FixResolved an issue where some user-set customized settings were lost after a version update.
Bug FixThe settings panel in Add Photos screen appearing half off the bottom of screen.
Bug FixCopy a Sighting (to start a new one) was also copying the pictures and/or comments attached to the prior sighting.
Bug FixPhotos screen - Delete and Mark as Favorite photo buttons were not becoming active after a photo was selected.
Bug FixOn first ever startup of SWIFT, Life List was not showing any species in checklist (for entry).
Bug FixIf you deleted the species comments in a sighting and then tried to delete the species the comment was attached to, an error occurred.
1.8.1 New FeatureSWIFT photo library introduced! You can now download species photos if you don't have access to photos yourself. New photos being added regularly. (Internet connection is required.)
New FeatureChecklist screen - now includes more information at the very top of the checklist (e.g. New/Change to checklist, full date and time).
New FeaturePhotos screen changed to allow user to filter the display to their photos, library photos or all photos.
New FeaturePhotos screen now displays the total number of species with photos saved as well as an indicator (gold star) on any photo designated as the favorite for the selected species.
New FeatureSlideshow of all species on Photos screen has been improved to be more random and now includes a preview 'filmstrip' (optional setting).
New FeatureImport now handles fields enclosed with double quotes, they no longer need to be removed from the CSV file prior to import.
New FeatureImport species matching process is improved - now uses species common name (if provided in CSV) along with the scientific name to help determine matches and lessen the number of species to be resolved manually.
Bug FixIf two sightings exist on same date, one with a time and one without, an error was thrown if user tries to delete the sighting with no time attached.
Bug FixExisting species comments that start and/or end with a single quote (') threw an error if user attempted to update the same sighting.
Bug FixSightings with no date were not correctly retrieving saved species comments.
Bug FixAn error sometimes occurred when moving a list under another (if the Assigned Checklist was not selected).
Bug FixImport process - Lists created during the import process sometimes (depending on the CSV) had names with leading spaces, resulting in errors on main page or the new list not appearing.
1.8 New FeatureYou now assign your lists to regional checklists (ABA, AOU, British Isles, etc.) to lessen the number of species to choose from in the checklist, greatly speeding up sighting entry.
New FeatureCreate New List screen reworked to accommodate assigning of lists to a specific checklist.
New Feature*NEW* SWIFTcount box popup (configurable, you can turn it on/off) while entering sightings in checklist.
New FeatureMain screen settings related to photos now inform the user if they have no photos and/or no favourite photos saved in which case the panels will not appear.
Bug FixSimple sightings setting (turned on) was causing a date conversion error when a sighting was recorded, even a dated sighting.
Bug FixIncrease in character limit for comments attached to a species in a sighting. Prior limit was 150 characters; now increased to 1,000 characters!
Bug FixIf user has NO photos marked as favorites, the main screen displays no panels.
Bug FixIf an existing sighting is modified, any previously entered sighting notes do not appear in the window.
Bug FixLife Birds and New to List birds indicators were not updating in checklist entry if species were removed.
Bug FixSWIFT Meters - Your Species (By family)/ list's Region Family Count was throwing an error if selected list is not assigned to a geographical region.
Bug FixeBird export was failing if sighting had a time of day attached to it.
1.7.8 New FeatureYou can now choose which panels appear on the main screen and their order top to bottom.
New FeatureNew panel available on main screen; Interesting facts about recent sightings in your selected list.
New FeatureMain screen - All-time species dropdown (for each list) now differentiates between those species seen all-time but not yet recorded in the current year (shaded and italicized).
New FeatureMain screen - Panel selection, font size change and slideshow speed are now in a settings popup (arrow at bottom left of screen).
New FeatureMain screen - Some panels with two pieces of information (e.g. Most / Least Frequently Seen Species) were split into their own separate panels for more flexibility with display and better sizing of photos (especially on smaller computer displays)
New FeatureMain screen - Most Frequently Recorded panel now displays the number of sightings and the last recorded date for each species
New FeatureMain screen - Least Frequently Recorded panel now displays the last recorded date for each species
New FeatureSpecies Statistics screen - first tab now includes ALL recorded sightings of species (list, sighting date and number sighted).
New FeatureSpecies Statistics screen - you can now view the photo enlarged by hovering over with mouse pointer.
New FeatureAdd Photos screen - Ability to 'flip' photos horizontally and/or rotate them in either direction before saving them.
Bug FixMain screen - dropdown species listing wasn't always showing the correct naming for those using British Vernacular.
Bug FixSpecies Statistics screen - Number of Sightings total was including non-dated sightings.
1.7.7 New FeatureEmbedded help file is now included in SWIFT. Hitting the F1 key on most screens will bring up the help page for the screen.
New FeatureSpecies Statistics screen has been extended to include sightings by month and now also includes the reworked Annual Record screen. Annual record can be 'drilled-down' to look at daily sightings for any individual month and also has a setting to display user-defined birding seasons. The Species Statistics screen is also now available in ALL three dropdown count listings on the main screen, by clicking on any species in the lists.
Bug FixSome fixes made for sightings that include time of day.
Bug FixPhoto backup location now defaults to the \photos\backup folder if not specified.
Bug FixList information screen, description field containing single quote (') was causing a crash.
Bug FixWhen a sighting was moved to a different list, attached photos were remaining attached to the previous list.
Bug FixSingle quotes (') in species comments were causing an error.
Bug FixChecklist would occasionally open with no species showing for certain list/date combinations and you had to scroll to another subset to view species.
Bug FixEdit list information - country dropdown was disabled so unable to change.
Bug FixMost recent sighting panel was occasionally showing some incorrect species when two lists with the same parent list had sightings recorded on the same day.
Bug FixSWIFT data backup screen was throwing an error when changing folders.
Bug FixEBird screen - first species in grid sometimes showing up as an 'X' for common name.
1.7.6 New FeatureYou can now add species to your checklist by entering their 4 or 6 letter bird band codes. Look for the new button at the top of the checklist entry screen.
New FeatureThe SWIFTsearch feature now includes ALL species in your preferred region(s), not just those in current subset shown.
New FeatureeBird export - if all species counts are set to 1, the user is warned that they will be changed to an 'X' for export to eBird.
New FeaturePhotos page - now displays the total count of species with photos on file.
Bug FixCreating a list directly under the Life List was causing an error.
Bug FixOn smaller screens (e.g. laptops), buttons down the left side were overlaying the font change and picture scroll slider at the bottom.
Bug FixThe main screen was 'flickering' when being resized.
Bug FixThe 3 count buttons above lists on main screen were not updating after changes until you re-selected the list.
Bug FixInserting a birder photo with large (lengthy) values for certain EXIF data can cause an insertion error.
Bug FixChecklist would occasionally open with a blank page (no species).
Bug FixIf settings (e.g. sort order of species) were changed in the checklist screen, partway through entering a sighting, any species added AFTER returning to the checklist were being added to the Life List instead of the selected list.
Bug FixSightings screen - pictures were occasionally showing as attached to one sighting (camera lit up) when they were attached to a different sighting.
Bug FixMost Recent Sighting panel was showing picture attached to other sighting in same list (related to bug above).
Bug FixDeleting a species from the sighting grid resulting in it remaining greyed and italicized in the 'Regulars' list as if it were still in the sighting.
Bug FixDeleting a comment in the eBird grid of species causes an error to be thrown during the export to eBird.
Bug FixSome users running differing regional settings in Windows encountered an error due to date formats.
1.7.5 New FeatureMore seamless integration to eBird, speeds up the export process.
New FeatureModifications to sighting confirmation screen to give clearer info on the affect the sighting will have on all applicable lists as well as display all photos being attached.
New FeatureYou can now enter comments alongside an individual species in a sighting. Comments are displayed throughout SWIFT and available for export to eBird.
New FeatureImport process changed; allows species comments to be attached for each sighting record.
New FeatureImport process changed; now creates any missing lists for you doing the import to save the effort of the user having to create them first.
New FeatureSome panels on the main screen now allow you to click on a species and bring up quick stats on the individual species (sighting counts, dates, comments, etc.)
New FeatureNew panel pops up if mouse moves over the Most Recent Sighting panel for a species that contains comments and/or a picture.
New FeatureWhen entering a new sighting, 'Regulars' are now displayed in alphabetic order always (regardless of setting) for ease of locating the required species.
New FeatureMain screen menu buttons are now vertical and down the left side of the screen, to increase the amount of screen space for your listing data and photos. All buttons are now always displayed, not based on settings.
New FeatureMain screen panels for Most Recorded and Least Recorded now show the top 10% for the selected list, instead of just 10 species and is scrollable. Species name can also be clicked on to display vital statistics for the species (first/last seen, rarity in your sighting, etc.).
New FeatureMain screen panels for Most Recent Sighting also allows species click to display vital statistics for the species. You can also now go directly to the eBird export for the displayed sighting from this panel.
Bug FixMost Recent Sighting panel was sometimes combining species from separate sub-list's sightings if recorded on the same day.
Bug FixChanging the list name in the List Maintenance screen was not being reflected in the tree view on the new main screen.
Bug FixSWIFT was hanging if user added a sighting directly under the Life List (Premium Edition only)
Bug FixWhen adding a photo to an existing sighting (during a change), it wasn't getting attached to the specific sighting (date) but instead to just the species in general.
Bug FixWhen updating an existing sighting, species that had a photo attached to the sighting already weren't showing a 'lit up' photo icon.
Bug FixModify List - Changing the 'List Started' date was not taking affect.
Bug FixCrash would occur if user tried to enter a list directly underneath the Life List but then cancelled out without creating the list. (Does not occur when creating under any other list, just the Life List.)
Bug FixChecklist screen had an issue where if the user clicked on a species in the SWIFTsearch results, and then un-checked it. If the species was then checked again (put back in sighting), it would not appear in the sighting without closing off the checklist and coming back in.
Bug FixHighest Count - The month information was going off the bottom of the panel if more than 3 months are tied with the same total.
1.7 New FeatureNew alternate main screen introduced (Windows Explorer-style), will work especially well for those birders with a large number of lists and/or those with slower computers. (Premium Edition Only)
New FeatureSome more start-up time speed improvements.
New FeatureAdded a CANCEL button to the checklist (next to the Record Sighting button) for those who don't like using the ESC key or the hidden BACK button at the bottom of the screen.
New FeatureTweaked the button layout at the bottom of the Photos screen to better fit on screens with smaller resolution.
Bug FixChecklist screen - when the species were sorted (by clicking on the header) the user lost the backcolor notification of which species were 'Life' or 'New To List' birds.
Bug FixChecklist screen - when the right panel (Sighting/Notes/Regulars) was expanded horizontally, the mouseover to show a species picture was flickering.
Bug FixChecklist screen - Deleting a species in the sighting grid to the right (by pushing the DELETE key) was removing the species from the sighting but wasn't removing the visible tick in the checklist.
Bug FixSighting counts of affected lists (when confirming a sighting) was sometimes showing negative values.
1.6.5 New FeatureMajor item for this version was the release of the new 'Life List Edition' of SWIFT. The full version from this point forward has been renamed the 'Premium Edition'. All purchasers of the SWIFT full version, 1.6 or older, will automatically be included in Premium Edition upgrades from this point forward.
New FeatureFour new reports: Life List of Birds by Region, Species Sightings - Spring Birding Season, Species Sightings - Winter Birding Season and Photographed vs Non-Photographed Species.
New FeatureLife List button on main page now includes birder name.
New FeatureYou can now designate spring and winter birding seasons for each list for use in newly released reports. Will also be used in future counts, charts, etc.
New FeatureMany reports have new total information in their footers.
New FeatureYou can now use the <DEL> key in the listing down the right hand side of the checklist (when entering a sighting) to remove species from the sighting.
New FeatureWhen moving a sighting, you can now move the entire sighting to another list (prior to this you could only move the sighting to another date in the same list).
Bug FixMove sighting was creating duplicates of any species already in a sighting.
Bug FixFavorite reports was loading the favorites for every birder on the computer (supposed to be just the logged-in birder). This error would not apply to those with only one birder setup on a given computer.
Bug FixChanging certain reports to print layout was throwing an error.
Bug FixBackground in toolbar was not resetting when background color was changed.
1.6 New FeatureMajor redesign of the Reports screen and the Charts screen along with the introduction of 'species-driven' reports with the release of three all-new reports.
New FeatureSome major speed improvements to the importing of historical species.
New FeatureImport screen now features a link to Wikipedia in order to help you match your species records to Clements taxonomy.
New FeatureAll-new menu bar on the SWIFT main page, you can now customize by selecting which buttons appear.
New FeatureThe move and delete sighting buttons have been re-instated on the Sightings screen .
New FeatureCreating a birder - now prompts for the country where the birder lives to help suggest the preferred world region(s) of species.
Bug FixMaking an existing photo your favorite on Sightings screen could sometimes result in an error.
Bug FixPhoto screen - Save This Photo was not enabled when a picture was pasted from clipboard.
Bug FixLife Birds totals were ignoring any birds recorded under 'No-Date' sightings.
Bug FixMain screen container control - horizontal scroll bar was occasionally disappearing when it shouldn't.
Bug FixTooltip on checklist species search was not updating when subset changes.
Bug FixSWIFT dashboard life list totals at end of each year were sometimes slightly off.
1.5 New FeatureMajor redesign of the SWIFT checklist. New checklist is much faster and species can be checked/unchecked with the mouse and/or the keyboard (spacebar).
New FeaturePhotos can be added to a species while creating your sighting in the checklist screen.
New FeatureYou can now go directly to entering a new sighting (checklist) from the main screen by right-clicking on any list and selecting Create New Sighting for � > and then selecting the day.
New FeatureIncrease in the demo sighting/species limits so sample birder records can have sightings added to their records (without having to create another birder)
New FeatureNew "Tips and How To" screen added to free trial version.
Bug FixBritish-vernacular for U.K.-based lists sometimes returned the incorrect name.
Bug FixChanging a sighting count for an existing sighting wasn't working but was resetting to prior count.
Bug FixChart on Sightings screen sometimes did not get copied to the clipboard.
Bug FixSightings screen - new sighting was not immediately appearing in tree but required a screen refresh.
Bug FixSightings screen - new sighting species details showing other dates.
Bug FixSightings screen - list name change wasn't being reflected right away in the list button.
Bug FixSightings screen - counts were not showing up next to some sighting dates (if selected).
Bug FixSightings screen was not showing the totals for each subset (this year, last year, etc..) but was always showing the overall totals.
1.4 New FeatureYou can now attach your photos to your lists and sightings in SWIFT! New Photos screen introduced (in menu on main screen). See your photos alongside your sightings, in a slideshow and more...
Bug Fix"Most Recent Sighting" in grid was showing Jan 1, 1900 for "No Date" sightings.
Bug FixThe Sightings screen was taking a long time to load for users with many sightings. Lookup speed has been increased and a setting introduced to allow user to choose which sightings should appear.
Bug Fix"No Date" sightings were counting as Jan 1 entries in the Annual Record (should not be counted at all).
Bug FixThe slideout showing species was not appearing on list information button (main screen). FeatureThe "What's New" screen has been retired ... all version changes can be viewed by visiting our website here.
Bug FixThe number of species count in a sighting was always showing zero.
Bug FixCould not create a list name in SWIFT that contained an apostrophe (').
1.3.4 New FeatureSightings screen completely redesigned.
New FeatureImproved the loading time for reports/checklists.
Bug FixSome users were encountering a crash with a large number of lists horizontally on the main screen, this crash has now been fixed.
Bug FixWhat's New screen was appearing each time SWIFT was run regardless of setting.
Bug Fix"My <region> Birds" switch on checklist was not always pulling the correct subset of species.
Bug FixEdit list information - region dropdowns were sometimes disabled when they shouldn't be.
Bug FixChecklist - hitting enter in the Search box was causing an incorrect window to appear.
Bug FixHorizontal scrollbar on main screen occasionally wouldn't go far enough to the right.
Bug FixThe 'Lifers' count was not correct on the SWIFT dashboard.
1.3.3 New FeatureYou can now collapse or expand sub lists on the main page. Every list that has lists below it in the hierarchy has a new button attached below it on the main screen. This button controls the expanding or collapsing of the sub lists. The number inside the button represents how many sub-lists are directly below the list.
New FeatureNew SWIFTinfo popup on the main screen, simply click on the new slideout button to the top/right of any list to view list count information. You can also copy the list count information to the clipboard to use in emails, documents, etc.
Bug FixList boxes on main screen were overlapping in some situations (based on hierarchy).
Bug FixSWIFTsearch issue - multiple searches occasionally caused an error to occur.
Bug FixRegion down scroll arrow was not updating title at the bottom of the checklist page.
Bug FixNew Life Bird and New List Bird on the checklist entry page were sometimes blurry.
1.3.2 New FeatureIntroduction of the SWIFTsearch feature, allowing you to quickly find species and add them to your checklist.
New FeatureSpecies in the checklist can now be displayed in any of three sort orders; Taxonomic order (as in most field guides), Alphabetic by Common Name or Alphabetic by Scientific Name.
New FeatureThe Orders dropdown now includes an -ALL- category to view all species at once.
New FeatureThe subset of species shown is now based on where the list is assigned (i.e. if you are entering a sighting on an country, state or province based list, you will only see the species for the country/state/province when you first open the checklist).
New FeatureThere is a new subset, known as 'My' <region> Birds. These are the birds you have recorded at least once before in the region of the selected list, greatly reducing the number of species to look through while at the same time including the vast majority of species you are likely to encounter on a birding outing.
New FeatureThe 'rolling' switches that control the regions and naming convention are now more clearly marked.
New FeatureThe 'rolling' region switch is now (more logically) based on the list assignment as well as your preferred region(s). For example, if your preferred region is North America and you open an Ohio list, there will be four regions you can select in order to filter the species shown in the checklist; North America > USA > Ohio >'My' Ohio birds.
New FeatureYou can choose how to display the species in the checklist (Checklist Content setting in Preferences on the Checklists tab). You can show all taxonomic information (Order, Family, Genus) between each species genus or just the Family or even just the species themselves, greatly minimizing the number of pages in the checklist.
New FeatureYou can now go directly to the Preferences screen and change any of your checklist display preferences (check style, regions, naming convention, sort order, etc..) by clicking the new settings button in the top right, directly under the close button.
Bug FixSearch for species (in checklist) would occasionally return incorrect species.
Bug FixPreferences screen - non-numeric characters could be entered in the regulars percentage (would cause a crash).
Bug FixChecklist screen - Lengthy family headings (bolded) would go off the right side of the checklist page.
Bug FixVersion # on About screen was formatted incorrectly (so it showed the wrong version).
1.3.1 New FeatureChecklists screen completely redesigned and multiple new checklists added.
New FeatureAbility to save favorite checklists with user-specified parameters to quickly run them anytime they are needed.
1.3 New FeatureTaxonomy Updates screen introduced! SWIFT's world species taxonomy has been updated with the latest Clement's changes. You can specify how your sightings are affected.
Bug FixNotes feature in checklists wasn't always retaining the previous notes when adding to an existing sighting.
Bug FixIn some circumstances the notes in a checklist were getting assigned to the wrong list/sighting.
Bug FixAnnual record month headings could appear as all zeros instead of the first letter for each month.
1.2 New FeatureImport capability introduced. Please be sure and download the revised user manual!
Bug FixDeleting a sighting was not being reflected in the graph on the Sightings screen.
Bug FixOccasionally the graphs (for displayed lists) threw an error if only Life List existed.
Bug FixLife Birds (All Years) checklist was showing repeated species (on multiple years).
Bug FixPreferences screen was resizable (could cause issues of controls not being visible).
Bug FixCharts screen - Print previewing a report and then closing it caused an error unless you closed down the charts/graphs screen and reopened it.
Bug FixList count (lower popup on main screen buttons) occasionally miscounted species.
Bug FixCharts screen - Add to/Remove from Favorites was not disabling after use, sometimes causing an error.
Bug FixClicking on a column header in an empty sightings list caused an exception error.
1.1.1 New FeatureAddition of LIST TYPE tab (to determine which lists are to be displayed on main).
Bug FixSmall tweaks of Checklist screen (font sizes of dropdowns, etc.).
1.1 New FeatureMajor makeover of the SWIFT main screen, lists are now displayed in a more intuitive top-to-bottom direction (like a family tree).
New FeatureNew buttons for lists with more functionality. Lists can have up to four popouts that show number of species listed in current year (top popout), number of species listed all-time (bottom popout), whether the list is assigned to a region (left popout) or whether list is date-restricted (right popout).
New FeatureSWIFT directional arrow retired, side-to-side and top-to-bottom scrolling of lists now accomplished through standard scroll bars at the bottom and along the right side (vertical scrolling also available using the mouse wheel).
New FeatureSWIFT dashboard reworked to integrate with new main screen, simply click on the dashboard tab at top to expand it, click again to collapse it.
New FeatureModifications to the user preferences screen to support new main screen. Menu bar is now only available on the bottom.
1.0.6 Bug FixError occurred when selecting certain times for sightings.
Bug FixWhen changing the species in an existing sighting, any species that were previously in the checklist but were then un-checked were not being removed.
Bug FixRecord sighting confirmation - the total count was off by one species if one or more species was added and removed from an existing sighting.
1.0.5 New FeatureSWIFT now fully supports Windows 64-bit architecture.
Bug FixIf a new life (or list bird) was selected in the search and added to the list, it was not getting highlighted in the checklist.
Bug FixSpecies are now sorted alphabetically in the search results in checklist.
Bug FixHome regions (countries and provinces/states) were not available for newly created birders.
1.0.4 New FeatureIntroducing the SWIFT Dashboard. At the top right of the main screen you will notice a new tab, clicking on this tab will you give you a quick, up-to-minute status of your current bird sightings. Clicking towards the bottom left of the open dashboard closes it.
New FeatureThis screen! This is the new 'What's New' screen, detailing all enhancements and bug fixes by version. You can set it up (by checking the boxes at the bottom) to appear everytime SWIFT starts or only when you have downloaded a new version. You can also open this screen from the menu bar on the main screen by clicking on What's New.
Bug FixComparison graphs would fail if no compare-to birder was available or selected.
Bug FixSightings for previous years were recorded fine but the year was displayed incorrectly (e.g. 2-31 instead of 2009) on the Sightings screen.
Bug FixNumber of species count on Sightings screen was not showing unique species but instead was counting duplicates. FixeBird export fix - date was not formatted correctly.
New FeatureeBird - added some information and a new information button.
New FeatureeBird - detected the radio buttons and made sure the correct one is selected.
New FeatureeBird - added webbrowser control embedded in form instead of opening browser. FeatureAbility to change a sighting date (right-click on sightings screen.
New FeatureAbility to delete an entire sighting (right-click on sightings screen).
Bug FixChanging list information for a date-restricted list occasionally modified the dates.
Bug FixChanging list information lost the regional settings (country-province/state).
Bug FixChecking then unchecking a species - still gets added to sighting.
Bug FixChecklists titles getting truncated.
Bug FixRegulars being added to list had no sighting date.
Bug FixGraph for sightings - Species for Month and Year not counting unique species.
Bug FixAdding species to an existing simple sighting causing duplicate simple sightings.
Bug FixUnchecking species in existing simple sighting (with list selected) caused error. FixDeleting a list occasionally caused a SQL error.
New FeatureIn checklist, Order dropdown list widened as some were being cut off.
Bug FixSimple sighting occasionally threw an error when selecting new sighting.
Bug FixSimple sightings - previous species in sighting not showing as checked. FeatureChange to use SQL Server 2008 Compact Edition.
New FeatureSpecies counts in bottom right of each box are off by one. FixAdding species to sighting causing rare exception error (date related).
Bug FixMain screen bottom buttons sometimes did not react to clicking (flashed).
Bug FixDeleting an entire sighting causes the whole sighting to reappear. FeatureDatabase occasionally getting locked (especially Windows 7) after uninstall/install.
Bug FixSometimes a species would get missed between pages on the checklist. FeatureInstallation fixes only. FeatureRegional lists introduced for Canada and United States, U.K.
New FeatureBritish species common names added.
Bug FixMain screen not saving resize on exit.
New FeatureDropdown lists in the checklist resize automatically based on number of items.
Bug FixCannot create entry in list (that has sublists) with no sightings.
Bug FixA deselected bird on the checklist, could not be re-selected. FixRegulars in the checklist occasionally would not get added to a new sighting.
Bug Fix3D graphs sometimes were not available on the sightings screen.
New FeatureExport to eBird database now available!� In the Sightings screen, simply click on the eBird button when a sighting is selected for a particular date. You are then taken to the eBird website where your checklist can be imported (requires free registration with eBird).
2.0 - 023New FeatureMost Recent Sighting panel - you can now scroll back through your most recent sightings. Photos (if saved in sighting) also displayed along bottom of panel.
New FeatureInteresting Facts panel completely reworked and now named Facts/Insights. Can now bring up multiple listings of your recorded species and quickly print or export. Panel is available for all lists/locations including your Life List.
New FeatureNew panel on main screen allowing you to view/delete non-dated sightings for all of your locations.
New FeatureSWIFT opens to the last list/location you were working on (unless your setting for the displayed lists/locations on the main screen is 'All collapsed').
New FeatureThe eBird Import screen now has indicators next to each species in your file showing if they would be Life Birds, New for Location or New for Year if you import them into SWIFT. Gives you information in advance on what effect the import will have on your location.
New FeatureSWIFT News panel reworked slightly and now appears at top of main screen.
Bug FixAssigning a regional checklist to a list/location resulted in an error "Value cannot be null."
Bug FixChecklist entry - entering a species comment was throwing an error if a comment was entered right at the maximum length for a species comment (1000 characters).
Bug FixRecording a species directly to your Life List (and not a sub list) was throwing an error, "Value cannot be null."
Bug FixMapping a new location to an eBird hotspot while first creating the location was not working, had to re-edit the location to map the hotspot.
New FeatureImprovements to the SWIFT<>eBird Synchronization screen.
New FeatureMultiple fixes for speed improvements when looking up list/location and sighting information.
New FeatureSpecies Statistics screen - New tab introduced (Switch Species) where you can switch one or more sightings of a species to a different species. This is useful if after a taxonomy switch a species was recorded incorrectly.
New FeatureSWIFT now does a full statistics update, the first time it runs after a build update.
New FeatureNew chart available on Life List Summary - Species Recorded Count by Year. Gives your total species recorded broken down by year.
New FeatureAfter a build update, this 'Version Information' screen appears so you can quickly see all of the new features and bug fixes included with the new build.
New FeatureNew listing available in the Facts/Insights panel - 'Order Recorded' shows a listing of your recorded species (all-time and by year) in the order you recorded them.
Bug FixLife List Summary - Top Five Years chart was showing cumulative (not individual year) data."
Bug FixError occasionally appeared on main screen (modDBRoutines:exUpdateStatisticsForListsAfterChanges) after you selected a list/location.
Bug FixLife List Summary - 'Month with Most Species Recorded' was showing the correct month and year, but the total count was wrong.
Bug FixBirding Forecast panel - occasionally the filters at top did not display the correct subset. An 'Apply' button has been added, now you set the filters and click Apply to see the list of species.

(ALL fixes and new features listed above are included in the most recent version update.)